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Product Spotlight: Compact LED Luminaire

As the hours of daylight get shorter and shorter, this month, we’re showcasing our most economical and lightweight piece of lighting equipment, the Compact LED Luminaire.

Using less wattage than a standard domestic bulb, (just 36watts) this efficient luminaire provides bright 5400K daylight and is fitted with a dimmer switch to enable just the right amount of brightness to be selected for any given task.

With a height adjustable floor stand as standard and a combined weight of just 4kg, this offers an essential piece of equipment for any size conservation studio.

Product name: Spotting Table Price: £875 (+ £99 for optional lockable wheels) Includes: A band of 600LED lamps, integral dimmer switch -0-100%, internal balanced spring and height adjustable floor stand. Main features & functions:  Lightweight weighing in at just 1930grams. Economical by using just 36watts of power. Optional barn doors. CRI: 90. Cool running LED panel. Dual colour feature allows for close-up treatment in many lighting conditions. Bicolour – 3200k-5600k. Who’s used this equipment: Conservation professionals working in both large and small conservation studios. Can be used for: Any treatment work where extra or natural light is required.

Purchase the Compact LED Luminaire here.

A ceiling mount option is also available at an extra cost. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of our conservation products.


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