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Welcome to Willard’s new blog!

Since the re-launch of the Willard website, the Willard blog provides a space where you can keep up to date with company news, product updates, Willard’s technical achievements in the industry as well as customer stories. You can also read about upcoming exhibitions that have been made possible with Willard equipment and tools.

Did you know how Willard started innovating Conservation Equipment? Here’s a short reintroduction to Willard Conservation Ltd.

Back in the 1950’s, a conservator, living in Chichester, visited engineer and toolmaker Jack Willard in his workshop, requesting the repair of a homemade hand tool for work in art conservation. Unable to repair the tool in question, Jack instead offered to make a bespoke replacement and so produced the very first commercial Heated Spatula in the UK. Word soon spread about this highly effective spatula design and soon saw orders arrive from conservators across the UK and beyond, creating a new business focus for the engineers at Willard.

A particular turning point for the business was when Jack Willard presented at The Greenwich Lining Conference in 1974 – the first international conference where conservators discussed lining treatments and their consequences. This presentation put Willard on the international map, showcasing Willard products, as industry leaders and revolutionary of its day. One of Willard’s tables was even featured on the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World programme in the 1980’s.

Initially catering to the conservation of oil paintings, by the mid 70’s, equipment for textile and paper conservation were also established, forming the core of the  business, as it is today.  Now, Willard Conservation supply tools and equipment for use in galleries, museums and private collections the world over, having built a reputation for reliable quality equipment and tools. Willard constantly strive to improve products and work closely with many conservators to expand and refine their range.

Take a look at our extensive range of products today!


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