The Miniature Suction Platforms complement the functionality of the larger Willard Suction Tables to safely and accurately accomplish localised treatment, often without the need to remove a canvas from its stretcher. These platforms are developed mainly for work on easel paintings, but also cater to a variety of additional applications. They can be supplied as free standing units or with a floor stand for vertical positioning or fully integrated within a workbench for horizontal working.


The Miniature Suction Platform is available in either heated or un-heated specifications, the unheated version is thin yet still very strong. The heated suction platform model contains the unique and reliable Willard heating system and is naturally a little wider.


Both models are supplied with two different sized perforated work surfaces which can each be fitted to the small suction chamber mounted on to a mini pantograph (scissor lift). This can be positioned and finely adjusted to make precise contact with a canvas or object requiring treatment. The larger surface measuring approx 300 x 300mm (12 x 12in) has tapered edges to facilitate access for treatments such as strip lining. Whilst the smaller surface measuring approx 150 x 150mm (6 x 6in) allows treatment to smaller items or localised deterioration.

Miniature Suction Platform Specifications:

Dimensions (approximate)

Base: 100x100mm (4x4in)

Height: 200mm (8in)

Weight: 3.5kg (8lb)

Small Platform 150x150mm (6x6in)

Weight: 0.1kg

Large Platform 300x300mm (12x12in)

Weight: 0.7kg


N.B.This product requires a Suction Source to be operated, the 0.75kw model is recommended as most suitable for most platform applications, please visit the exhauster (suction source) section for further details.


The fully heated model with scissor lift and two interchangeable work surfaces supplied with dedicated heating controller and temperature readout is £5250.00 (Excl exhauster,carriage & taxes)


Unheated model with scissor lift and two interchangeable work surfaces £1695.00 (Excl exhauster, carriage & taxes)


Also available is a fully adjustable floor stand with castors and a quick release mounting bracket, which enables the platform to be used on larger paintings held vertically, from ground level up to approx 2.4metres (8ft), with prices starting form £1425.00.


Equipment can be manufactured to operate within individual electrical supply voltages, as required. As all Willard equipment is a manufactured in our UK workshops, we can design to order in many size combinations and with custom feature options to suit individual requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 


Available accessories


  • Floor stand


This item cannot be bought online. Please email or call +44(0)1243 776928 to discuss your requirements and complete your purchase.

Miniature Suction Platform

  • Base: 100x100mm (4x4in)
    Height: 200mm (8in)
    Weight: 3.5kg (8lb)


    Small Platform

    Base: 150x150mm (6x6in)
    Weight: 0.1kg


    Large Platform

    Base: 300x300mm (12x12in)
    Weight: 0.7kg


    Dimensions are approximate.


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