This innovative flexible bladed heated spatula (or tacking iron), has a variety of uses from accessing difficult to reach areas, to assisting with the removal of dry mounted objects and pressure sensitive tapes.


The flexible bladed heated spatula / tacking iron has an ultra thin spatula blade with full temperature control from ambient up to 150 degrees C, through the Willard ‘special’ model Control Unit (please see our Control Units).  The hand piece is supplied with a flexible lead that attaches to the mini transformer and regulates the spatula’s ultra low operating voltage. The transformer has a 1m lead which is connected to the ‘Iron’ socket mounted on the rear panel of the Special Control Unit.


N.B This tool requires a Willard Special Control Unit to operate, sold separately. 


As we manufacture all Willard Hand tools and tips within our UK workshops, we are always happy to discuss the production of different bespoke tips to meet individual requirements and will always be pleased to consider possible variations, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please ask us.

Flexible thin blade Heated Spatula / Tacking Iron

  • Length of hand piece from the top of handle to the end of tip: approx. 180mm (7 inches).

    Weight of hand piece : approx 0.750Kg

    Weight of sub-transformer: approx. 780g (1lb 11oz)