Introducing the ideal UV light for painting conservation, the pocketsize yet high-performance Reskolux UV 365. This is an innovative test and analysis instrument for surface fluorescence investigation of objects and materials undergoing conservation and restoration. Also an essential item for appraisal and valuation purposes.


Technical data


• Circular illumination field, high light output (120 mW).

• Durable, high-intensity UV-LED.

• Pure UV-A spectrum: 360 nm to 370 nm, Peak at 365 nm.

• Micro-controller optimized energy management with overload protection.

• Light-weight, straight forward one-hand operation.

• Coated, aspherical triplet lens, UV-A optimized.

• Robust, anticorrosive, aluminium die-cast chassis.

• Water resistant (IP67).

• NiMH rechargeable cells with low self-discharge; intelligent charging unit with status LED & overheating protection.


The Reskolux UV 365 test and analysis device emits high intensity UV light of 365nm +/-5 nm (UV-A). When operating the Reskolux UV365 UV blocking safety glasses must be worn and exposed skin areas covered.

Protective glasses are also available, please enquire.


CAUTION: The Reskolux UV365 test and analysis instrument is an UV light source of a risk group 3 according to the EN 62471. The device emits high intensity radiation with a wavelength of 365 nm +/-5 nm (UV-A). To avoid any ocular injury do not look directly or with optical instruments into the light source.


Available accessories


  • Protective UV glasses

Reskolux UV 365 LED Set



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