The Heated, Solid Top Vacuum Lining Table is a stalwart of the traditional Willard Range, ideal for those who mainly carry out lining treatments. These solid top tables provide a heavy gauge aluminium work surface for a completely flat, smooth and secure bed on which to work. 


Suction is supplied by a speed controllable suction pump which draws air through perimeter-mounted ports. Where objects are particularly sensitive to expression of weave on the surface, an optional pre-relief valve can be fitted to ensure that the very lowest desired pressure can be achieved. The suction system has an accumulator to even out air flow and a silencer to minimise sound levels.


The proven Willard heating system provides excellent uniform heating of the entire work surface. Temperature is controlled with three thermostats, one for the main working area circuit, another for the edge heating circuit and the third provides a safety override to protect against temperature overrun in the unlikely event of a system failure.


Cooling fans draw ambient air into the heating chamber to achieve an even and progressive reduction in temperature. Warm air is expelled through an outlet duct.


Traps fitted under the work surface ensure any surplus resin (or bonding agent) is safely contained. Sight glasses allow visual inspection and cleaning. This feature may also be useful when de-lining paintings.


Standard Sizes


  • 1.82m x 1.22m (6ft x 4ft)
  • 2.13m x 1.52m (7ft x 5ft)
  • 3.00m x 2.00m (10ft x 6ft 6in)
  • 4.00m x 2.50m (12ft 6in x 8ft 3in)


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