2021 Online Events For Conservators

Never have events been so accessible for conservation professionals around the globe this year - one of the positives to come from COVID! Even if some conferences do manage to successfully go ahead, this year, the majority of organisers have designed a dedicated online event platform or an online contingency at the least. This will ensure that even if new restrictions, both local and travel are introduced, there will still be the opportunity to get involved, so what’s to lose! We’ve rounded up the must-‘attend’ events scheduled for 2021 so far. Which ones are on your list?

Icon Textile Group Emerging Professional Event 2021

When: TBC, likely March 2021 Where: Glasgow

A resourceful event for Emerging Textile Conservators, this event will contain both formal talks and informal group workshop sessions with time allowed for questions concerning the challenges presented to students and emerging professionals during the course of their education and after.

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Colour Photography and Film: sharing knowledge of analysis, preservation, conservation, migration of analogue and digital materials

When: 29th March - 30th March, 2021

Where: Online

A must ‘attend’ for any photography or film conservator! Enjoy presentations of current studies, projects, and collaborative initiatives on preservation, conservation, documentation, and digital migration of colour photographs and film.

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Art and Architecture Conservation Training in Europe: Relevant Experiences and Mastering of Conservation Methods

When: 22nd April - 23rd April 2021

Where: Vilnius

This remote student conference is a wonderfully collaborative event opportunity with scope for career-long benefits for students through global networking. The Heritage Conservation Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts, which offers training in 6 areas of conservation (easel paintings, mural paintings, sculpture, textile, architecture and interior), is organising an event for teachers and students of European higher education institutions. The event will provide a platform to present tasks of course papers and graduate thesis dealt with by students together with their tutors, that reveal the issues faced by conservators of different countries, their solutions and reflection in the study programmes. It is hoped that this event will become a tradition enabling participants to know each other better and providing an opportunity for exchange of valuable experience of training future conservation specialists.

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AIC Annual Meeting CAN! Specialty Session

When: 11th May -15th May 2021

Place: Jacksonville, Florida

CAN! was formed in recognition that contemporary art requires a number of unique material, social, technical, and legal considerations. How have you navigated this terrain? Possible topics include creative treatments of contemporary artworks; preservation of contemporary media and formats; collaboration with artists, artist estates, and other stakeholders; developments in theory and ethics; documentation practices; the ecosystem of contemporary art; and beyond. At present, AIC is planning on an in-person meeting in Jacksonville but will be watching public health guidance closely and may delay the meeting or hold it virtually. There will be an online component in all cases.

Pest Odyssey 2021 – the Next Generation: Detect, Respond, Recover – best practice IPM in 2021

When: 20th - 22nd September 2021