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Conservation Spatulas, but not as you know them…

Heated spatulas are a mainstay in most conservation professional’s toolkit and for good reason - from softening flakey paint and bonding to lining and tear mending. But did you know a host of other industries have also found use for our much loved spatulas? From aerospace to millinery, take a look at some alternative ways our spatulas are being used around the world…

Millinery & Faux Flowers

A local Chichester milliner has used Willard spatulas for many years to assist in shaping hats and still uses them today. The precision temperature control allows the Milliner to use the spatula on a variety of fabrics to achieve the desired shape.

The Spatula is also used in the production of hand made silk flowers, the fine tips and accurate temperature control are essential for creating these unique displays.


Willard Heated Spatulas have also been adapted to assist with the production of turbine blades used within jet engines at a high end manufacturer in Derby.

Motor car manufacture

What about luxury car interiors? Willard Heated Spatulas & Mini Irons have been adapted to assist with the production of bespoke motorcar interior dashboards in the UK.

Wax painting

As well as helping to preserve art, Willard conservation tools are also used to create the art itself. We have had a numbers of orders from artists and makers who use our spatulas to create wax paintings and sculpture. With variable tips and precision temperature control, the possibilities are only limited by imagination! And as the engineers of our spatulas, we have and are able to make custom tips for specific projects.

Leather embossing

From high end brands to local craftsman, leather embossing is another technique our spatulas are used for on handbags and other accessories to artwork.

Do you use your spatula for anything other than art conservation? We’d love to hear about it! Please get in touch.


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