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New General Data Protection Regulation laws mean you need to resubscribe to keep hearing from us.

Coming into force in May 2018, a new law is aiming to increase the privacy of your data, including the handling of your email address which means less spam in your inbox, which is great! However this also means, you could now miss out on Willard’s email newsletters if you don’t resubscribe. In return we promise to:

  1. Only send you interesting newsletters that you can’t be without which will never be more than one email a month – so you won’t get overloaded!

  2. Share exciting product news

  3. Tell you what events we’ll be attending so you can meet us and our tools and equipment

  4. Share fantastic conservation project stories and blog articles

  5. NEVER share your email address with anyone else

  6. And if you then decide that you don’t want to hear from us, you can unsubscribe at any time (using a link at the bottom of the newsletters)


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