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Equipment for Conservation: Suction Tables

When it comes to studio equipment, suction tables, or vacuum tables as they are sometimes known, are one of the biggest if not, the biggest piece of equipment in the room, and in some studio’s, the most important. This is because so many applications can be performed on suction tables such as cleaning, relaxing, stain removal and repair work. As the engineers of such tables, which are used in the most renowned museums and studios the world over, let us introduce you to some of Willard’s standard model suction tables. As designers and manufacturers, we also regularly produce custom models for our customers to meet individual specifications. Get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

We’ll start with the newest addition to our suction table range, the sub-illuminated suction table. This model provides and extremely useful illuminated work surface which can transform the way conservation treatment is performed. Manufactured in sizes up to 1200mm x 1800mm, find out more about this model here.

This popular table variant of the multi-function table, (the Heated Suction Table with Cooling, pictured main) allows many treatments to be successfully completed utilising the Willard fully integrated proven vacuum & heating systems together with an airflow cooling feature. Many size combinations and custom feature options can be accommodated to suit individual requirements. Find out more about this suction table and download the product guide here.

Our next model is ideal for those with smaller spaces who don’t want to compromise on equipment quality. Introducing the compact A1 suction table. Designed to conveniently allow both a suction exhauster and carbon filter to be stowed away under the table for ease of use and practicality. Find out more about the Compact Suction Table and download the product guide here.

View our full range of Suction Tables for conservation here.


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