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How to make the most of your heated spatula

The trusty heated spatula is an essential tool for many professional conservators, but are you using yours to its full potential? From specialist tips to investing in the right model that will see you through your career; as the original spatula innovators, let Willard Conservation show you how to make your spatula work even harder.

Specialist Heated Spatula Tips

First developed to meet specific customs requests, our range of specialist tips have been developed for a variety of uses. We regularly work with conservators to develop new tips/shoes for spatulas to meet exact requirements so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Discover our full range of tips which are all available to buy online here.

Wax / Cyclododecane Applicators

These Wax / Cyclododecane applicators tips offer precision application for use with either the 1EM, or 1E / 1EC heated spatulas. This applicator is available in two different sizes, small and large. Find out more and buy online here.

Heated Spatula Stand

The heated spatula can safely rest inside the insulated stand, whilst maintaining the desired set temperature. The useful tray below can be used for tip storage, as shown in the display photographs. Buy online here.

Servicing & Repair

When you invest in a Willard spatula, you can rest assured your buying a quality tool that will stand the test of time. Buying cheap models will not be economically serviced or repaired if needed resulting in simply throwing them away. We are pleased to offer repair and servicing to further extend the life of our products if required. But you won’t have to think about that for a while, we often don’t see tools again for 40years or more!

For hand tools in particular, general wear and tear can sometimes result in the need for repair, or replacement of the cord. We offer a quick and cost effective service, where we can replace any of these cords with a new silicone coated flex fitted with hard wearing and durable connections.

Arrange a repair or service for your Willard product by getting in touch via our contact page.

View and shop our range of Heated Spatula via our online store HERE.


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