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How to Make the Most of your Vacuum/Suction Table

In our latest blog post, we’re showcasing the different ways to maximise the usage of your vacuum / suction table for various tasks in conservation. From special covers to the new humidifier unit, consolidate your conservation studio equipment with our range of quality suction accessories today.

The Original Willard Suction Table  Having designed and manufactured the very first heated vacuum relining table in the 1960’s, Willard are pleased to now offer a full range of conservation supplies and accessories to advance the table’s capabilities. Today, the latest model of Willard Suction Table with integrated exhauster is supplied with a new “quiet running” enclosed exhauster unit, built on to the table frame below the work surface. More info here.


Acrylic Hood  Constructed using a fully bonded lightweight frameless method for maximum visibility, the hoods can be used with suction tables to create a controlled environment or separately as a humidification chamber. The hoods are supplied with an opening and cover to one side as standard to facilitate the easy insertion and removal of objects, are free standing and are supplied with secured carrying handles, a pressure relief valve and vapour inlet. More info here.

suction table hood

Acrylic Dome  Moulded from a single sheet of durable acrylic, each dome is produced individually to fit each table and attached on hinges and fitted with balanced gas struts, hand ports, pressure relief valve and a vapour inlet port for humidification. The domes can be supplied with hand ports to facilitate access during treatments. More info here.

suction table dome

NEW!! Humidifier, Sensor & Controller The Willard Humidifier unit is the latest addition to our range of Suction table accessories, which enables a controlled amount of humidified air to be introduced into the chamber within the hood (or Dome). The humidity controller and sensor can be used in combination for fine control of humidity within the hood, dome, or other suitable enclosure. More info here.

humidifier set for conservation

Suction Table Worktop Cover  A removable work top table cover provides a useful additional work surface when your suction table is not in use. Custom built to suit all Willard suction tables, the underside is lined with a soft material to protect the perforated top surface of a suction table. More info here.

suction table cover

Companion Table  Made to complement the suction tables, our sturdy Companion Table (pictured below, right) provides a mobile preparation and layout surface. It can also be used with an acrylic hood to create a controlled environment around an object. These companion tables can be produced to match the height and dimensions of a new or existing suction table and may also be used as a sturdy work bench. More info here.


Moisture Trap  The Moisture Trap prevents the build up of fluids within the table and also protects the exhauster unit from the ingress of water during treatments; this is supplied as a factory fitted option on both suction and spotting tables. More info here.

suction table moisture trap

Power Supply Filter Unit This recently introduced addition to our range of Suction Table Accessories can be particularly useful where a dedicated power supply is not available or where the table is required to be portable between several different power points. More info here.

suction table power supply

Exhausters (suction sources) This range of proven smooth and quiet running side channel suction exhausters are available in 0.4KW 1.1kW, 1.5 kW & 2.2kW models. Each model provides an excellent and reliable source of suction for a variety of applications. A hand held speed control dial on a flexible cord for easy fingertip control of exhauster revolutions, which ensures the desired amount of suction is provided, as required. More info here.

suction table exhauster unit and filter

Adjustable Height Table Adaptor Need to adjust the height of your Willard Suction Table? No problem with our adaptors that can be factory fitted with a manually operated hydraulic adjustment system, which enables the working height to be adjusted by up to 200mm. There is also an electrically operated option, where the crank handle is replaced with a powered up / down switch. More info here.

adjustable height table adaptor

Carbon Filter  The replaceable activated carbon filter is supplied with a hose adaptor plate to facilitate remote venting. The Carbon filter is also available as an internal option fitted within a range of Willard suction tables. More info here.

suction table carbon filter unit

Need advice on exactly what you need? Do you have a custom requirement? Please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your needs on +44 (0)12423 776 928 or send us an email on


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