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Most Interesting Conservation Case Studies To Be Inspired By

This year we’ve seen some fantastic conservation case studies, from unusual objects to industry-changing new techniques, all of which we are pleased to share so the processes can inspire other conservators. We’ve compiled a shortlist of our favourites so far from 2018 – which one’s your favourite? 

Cleaning shellac records in the DIT Conservatory Library

conservation case studies

Towards the end of 2016, the DIT Conservatory Library undertook a project to clean and rehouse a large collection of Shellac records and their corresponding sleeves. This undertaking was part of a larger project to conserve, catalogue, digitise and make accessible the historical shellac recordings of the Caruana Gramophone Collection.

Conserving lampshades from the Argory

conservation case studies

Occasionally conservation treatment is just not viable. These stunning lampshades from The Argory have had new silk shades with conservation treatment to the original beaded fringe.

New techniques – Using Expandable Polyester Hinges to Mount a Double-sided Parchment Folio.

conservation case studies

The parchment treated and described in this article came from a private house and did not benefit from a controlled climate, as you may find in a museum storage area. This lack of a controlled environment is why we decided to adapt the mounting of the treated folio to the inherent properties of the parchment, in order to reduce the impact of relative humidity fluctuations.

A new technique in stone conservation at The Getty which could pave the way for future restorations.

conservation case studies

Discover the story of how pieces of a Roman sarcophagus bearing Greek Muses were prepared to return to the Getty Villa galleries.

A Rare 17th-Century Map Found Shoved Up a Chimney Is Restored.

heated lab sink, conservation equipment

Physical maps may be disposable or obsolete today, but during the 17th century they were invaluable and prized documents. Naturally, it came as a bit of a shock when experts at the National Library of Scotland received a gift of a rare map by a well-known engraver that had been shoved up a chimney and forgotten for centuries. Read more about the Willard tools and equipment used in this conservation project here.

For more interesting conservation projects, follow Willard on LinkedIN where we regularly post our favourite case studies!


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