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New Conservation Equipment: Dust & Vapour Control

This year we’re introducing a brand new range of products to Willard’s already infamous range of preservation and conservation equipment and tools. For 2017 we are pleased to introduce over 20 new products to our current offering which range from UV protection goggles to downflow tables. In the first of our introductory blogs, we’re showcasing the new range of Dust & Vapour Control equipment now available at Willard.

Bench Top Extraction Station

Bench top extraction unit, conservation equipment

This Bench Top Extraction Station is a very useful alternative to a traditional style fume cupboard. Access is unusually good yet allows safe working with chemical vapours, fumes or particles. Suitable for treating a very wide range of items including museum objects, art work and small sculptures. The unit’s elegant, unobtrusive appearance suits most working areas and can be located on any suitable work surface, or on a purpose designed mobile or fixed trolley. Air passes through the perforations on the work surface conveying contamination first through a pre-filter, then through either a HEPA filter for particulate, or an activated carbon filter for fume and vapour removal.

Key Features: • No ducting required • Quiet operation • Keypad control panel with touch button controls • LED illumination of working area • Audible electronic low air flow alarm • Service due indicator • Work surface removable for easy cleaning and access to the pre-filter which helps maintain HEPA filter function

View the product listing here.

Ductless Fume Cabinet

Ductless fume cabinet, conservation equipment

A good fume cabinet is essential to give protection against inhalation of solvents and other potentially harmful agents when treating small to medium sized objects. Ductless fume cabinets have a number of advantages over those which vent externally: • Very low installation costs- no special building, electrical or re-decorating work required • No net loss of internal air- filtered air is re-circulated into the work space thus eliminating loss of heated and conditioned air to the outside environment • Cabinets can be re-located easily and may be mounted on a wheeled trolley for enhanced portability. • Elegant, practical design • Easy touch button controls with service due indicator • Audible low airflow alarm • Replaceable filters (cartridge type) • Side ports for cables and other inputs • Quiet operation, <50d(B)A • Portable • Available in other sizes

Also available in other sizes, view the small Ductless Fume Cabinet product listing here

Downflow Table

Downflow Table, conservation equipment

Dependable extraction systems are essential for safe removal of coarse and fine dirt from objects and for cleaning with solvents, especially where objects are too large to fit into a fume cupboard. This downflow table extracts particles or vapours, or both depending on the filters fitted. Efficient design ensures excellent all-round access and full view of the object being treated. The flat stainless steel working area is surrounded by extract grilles which conduct air first through an easily exchangeable pre-filter which traps gross particles and then through either a fine particle (HEPA) filter bed, or an activated carbon filter. Both filter systems can be fitted simultaneously.

Features: • Reduces the risk of exposure to harmful substances • Captures dust particles, fungal spores and vapours before they can disperse into the work space • Pre-filter intercepts larger particles to maintain efficiency of the fine particle filters • Waste traps allow recovery of detached fragments • Operates at a comfortable sound level

Also available in other sizes, view the large Downflow Table product listing here.

Portable Extraction Unit

Portable extraction unit, conservation equipment

This truly versatile piece of equipment should prove invaluable in many conservation studios as well as around museums and on-site for the mobile conservator.

Using either a flexible or jointed arm, targeted air flow can be used to remove potentially harmful particulates and fumes in close proximity to the object being treated, where they are in their greatest concentration. The variable suction system can be placed either on or beneath a work bench, or on a purpose designed trolley. It can even be connected to an existing enclosure via a flexible hose. Options exist for wall or ceiling mounting also.

The unit can be fitted with either particulate (dust) filters including a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filter, or an activated carbon filter, or both systems together. An easily changeable pre-filter extends filter life. The motor has a variable speed control.

Features • Reliable push button operation • Powerful extraction • Manual fan speed control • Easily changed pre-filters give extended HEPA filter life. • Portable and adaptable to your changing process requirements. • Standard electrical socket connection for fan filter module supply. • 230v Single Phase 50Hz standard — 115v 50/60Hz systems available on request.

View the Portable Extraction Unit product listing here

Discover the complete range of Dust and Vapour Control Equipment for use in conservation, preservation and restoration here.


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