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Product Focus: Conservation Hand Tool Sets

If you're looking for conservation tools that will last, but still want a good deal, then our tool sets are for you! All of our hand tool sets will save you money compared to buying each piece individually making them perfect for students or if you're simply looking to replace conservation tools. The set we're focusing on today is the newest to our range, released earlier this year, the Willard Hand Tool Set Type C.

For the first time, this set combines a heated spatula and control unit with a Willard Lining Iron. A perfect pairing for painting and textile conservators in particular, this special set will save you over £200 compared to buying the tools separately. The Hand Tool Set Type C comprises of: 1 x Special Control Unit

1 x 1E (or 1EC) Heated Spatula with 7 tips

1 x 7E (or 8E) Standard Lining Iron

View and buy this set via our online shop here or view our full range of hand tools and other sets here.


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