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Product Focus: Custom Conservation Tools and Equipment

Have you been making do with tools that aren’t quite right but just about do the job? Putting off a project because you can’t find the right equipment to do it justice? With over 50 years of experience working closely with conservators, Willard can offer a unique design and manufacture service for bespoke tools and equipment to match your specific requirements. Let us show you just some of the custom tools and equipment we have produced as prime examples of our capabilities. From specialist spatula tips to large scale washing equipment, take a look below.

Specialist Heated Spatula Tips

Tip H

This collection of special heated spatula tips (shoes) are the result of bespoke customer requests for specialist conservation projects and are now available to purchase individually or as a set. These tips have been designed to fit & operate with the 1E and 1EC range of Heated Spatulas they are identified as type H,  J,  K,  L  &  M.

Textile Washing Table

Willard Conservation were commissioned to design and build this very specialised piece of equipment providing an example of a bespoke project where a washing facility was required for cleaning very large wall coverings.

The large scale automated Textile Washing system measuring approximately 8mtr x 10 mtr (25ft x 30ft) has a hydraulic system to enable lowering and lifting the perforated washing bed into the washing tank, whist an automatic spray boom with evenly spaced fine spray nozzles can travel the length of the tank and spray wash the object undergoing treatment.

Watch the video below to see the equipment in action.

Sub-illuminated Suction Table

Introducing the latest Willard suction table with sub-illuminated LED back lighting. This new table provides an excellent illuminated work surface and can currently be manufactured in sizes up to 1200mm x 1800mm.

Tilting Top Light Box Table

The latest example of our custom design and build service, the new tilting top light box offers increased flexibility when illumination is required. The tilting mechanism provides a smooth step-less & secure adjustment to the working angle of the lightbox. The illumination is provided by colour corrected (6500K) LED lighting, which is fully dimmable and has extremely low energy consumption. The table is constructed with a sustainably sourced hardwood timber top frame into which is fitted a sheet of toughened opal glass. Many size combinations can be produced to order, including a convenient portable model which would be suitable for use on an existing work surface.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss any upcoming projects or ideas you have for your tooling needs.


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