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Product Focus: Multi-function Suction Table

First introduced in the 1980’s and showcased on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World, our Multi-function Suction Tables offer a range of versatile, controllable and interlinked features for fine art, textile and paper conservators. Using the same high quality engineering, our tables have developed over time to suit the progressive needs of the modern conservator and now provide the following uses…

SUCTION The principal function of the table is to hold objects safely and securely in place with air pressure while they are being treated.

HEATED WORK SURFACE is achieved with the proven Willard heating system, which provides a highly reliable, accurate and above all, even temperature across the entire table work surface.

EDGE HEATING is an indispensable feature fitted to all Multi-Function Tables. Perimeter mounted elements maintain an even temperature across the working area from the centre to the edges of an object to ensure even bonding and minimum distortion.


DUCT HEATING Fitted to all models featuring humidification, this essential system prevents condensation of water within the ductwork. insulated heating circuits warm the flow of re-circulated, moisture laden air to ensure an evenly controlled supply. This feature also helps dry the table internally after use.

FULL AIR CIRCULATION The unique Willard multi-layered ducting system allows a consistent supply of re-circulated air to the object, whilst maintaining the main holding (suction) pressure.

HUMIDIFICATION A Willard high capacity evaporative humidifier supplies a stream of moistened air at a selected % RH for even, controlled relaxation of textiles and textile linings.

DE-HUMIDIFICATION Circulated air is passed through a custom made de-humidification plant, removing excess moisture to achieve controlled drying of the object from below.

REFRIGERATIVE COOLING For enhanced cooling, re-circulated air is directed over the refrigerated part of the de-humidifier. This is especially useful when the Multi-Function Table is used in warm environments.

BY-PASS COOLING Ambient air is drawn by the suction exhauster beneath the work surface to dissipate heat.

HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Powered adjustment is available on the smaller tables, using synchronised legs, which allow a typical 200mm (8 inch) of height adjustment.

CARBON FILTER An activated carbon filter can either be incorporated within the table exhaust system or supplied as a free standing unit connected in line directly into the exhaust outlet on the table, this is particularly useful where external venting is not possible.

TABLE SIZES, All tables are built to order and can be produced in a range of sizes from the smallest 1200mm x 1800mm (4ft x 6ft) to the larger size of 2500mm x 4000mm (8ft x 13ft) or even larger, if required.

View more information in the full listing here and watch our Multi-Function Suction Table in action applying a moisture treatment to Artemisia Gentileschi’s ‘Self Portrait’ at The National Gallery.


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