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Product Focus: Tilting Top Light Box Table

Designed and manufactured for a custom order, this highly useful piece of equipment is now available to order as part of our core range. Take a look at it’s features below.

Product name: Tilting Top Light Box Table Price: Price on request

Main features and functions: The new tilting top feature has been designed to increase flexibility when working on a lightbox. The tilting mechanism provides a smooth step-less & secure adjustment to the working angle of the lightbox. The illumination is provided by colour corrected (6500K) LED lighting, which is fully dimmable and has extremely low energy consumption. The table is constructed with a sustainably sourced hardwood timber top frame into which is fitted a sheet of toughened opal glass.

Many size combinations can be produced to order, including a convenient portable model which would be suitable for use on an existing work surface.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for a Tilting Top Light Box Table. Contact us directly on +44(0)1243 776928 or email us at


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