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Product Spotlight – Bespoke Conservation Equipment

Over the last 7 decades, Willard has created a vast range of equipment and tools that are now used by art conservators all around the world. Over time we’ve had customers coming to us, commissioning products to meet their specific project requirements. We love working with talented conservators to create products that are perfectly suited to their work. Below are a few examples of the bespoke conservation equipment we have created.

Adjustable Height Access Chair

Adjustable Height Access Chair

First developed as part of a bespoke project, this adjustable height access chair was developed specifically to meet the needs of conservators needing better access to large paintings held vertically.

The Chair can easily be positioned in front of the Painting and the operator can securely position themselves on the chair and place all necessary tools on the convenient shelves fitted each side. With a high mass and a low centre of gravity this adjustable height access chair offers maximum stability and minimum vibration.

This equipment can be tailored to meet individual requirements allowing art conservators ease of access to large paintings.

Read more about this product here.

Sub-illuminated Suction Table

Our popular sub-illuminated suction table provides an excellent illuminated work surface.

The work surface is constructed from an open cell polyethylene sheet, which is flush mounted onto a sleek, but very rigid aluminium sub frame into which is installed a full size, fully dimmable LED lighting system, providing high quality light, which illuminates through to the work surface.

The table is available in sizes suited to your requirements up to 1200mm x 1800mm and can be supplied mounted on a typical table frame with optional accessories.

Read more about this product and options here.

Multi-Positional Clamping Table

Clamping Table

This unique Multi-Positional Clamping Table (or Gluing JIg) can be used to assist with structural repairs to panel paintings and other similar objects. The Clamping table is produced in a standard size of 2400mm x 1800mm but can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

The Table adjusts & clamps in 3 axis and has a fine adjustment facility to ensure total accuracy when adhering pieces of an object together.

Read more about this product here.

Suction Cleaning & Washing Table

Suction Cleaning & Washing Table

The Willard Suction Cleaning & Washing Table is designed for controllable medium pressure, induced flow washing and rinsing where larger quantities of water are required.

With optional features such as height adjustment for optimum height and an optional clear acrylic hood, this product can really be tailored to your needs.

Click here for more about this product.

Willard work with conservation professionals to create bespoke tools & equipment to cater to unique projects and requirements. Click here or give us a call on +44 (0)1243 776 928 to contact us to discuss your project requirements.


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