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Product Spotlight: BK1 Heated Spatula  

Our entry level BK1 spatula set is proving extremely popular, particularly with student and emerging conservators looking for a reliable and quality set at an affordable price point.

Supplied with 7  individual and interchangeable hand made tips, the set also includes a spatula stand of which the tips can all be stored in when not in use. Although the control unit has a generic appearance, it must not be confused with other similar looking units, as it has been built to meet our exacting standards. The unit has a temperature range from ambient to 200ºC, which can be set via the easy to use +/- controls on the front of the unit. The Spatula hand tool, which accompanies this set, is built by Willard and therefore includes the same proven quality and reliability of all Willard tools.

* Please note, the BK1 Control unit and heated spatula are intended for use as a matching set, they are not compatible with any of the existing Willard Spatulas or Control Units. This set is ideal for those looking for a good quality and reliable, low cost entry level heated spatula kit.

Currently available for operation with 220V/240V electrical supply.


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