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Product Spotlight: Conservation Hand-Tools

Having the correct equipment is essential to restoring a project precisely and efficiently. When dealing with paintings, textiles and paper conservation, it is imperative that the tools allow the user to carefully carry out the conservation of such delicate projects. Our Conservation Hand Tools are essential resources for all professional conservation projects globally, take a look below at some of the conservation Hand-Tool options available from Willard.

Spatula set type A - Conservation hand tools

Heated Spatula Set

This 1E (or 1EC) Heated Spatula set is one of the most adaptable models we have available and is the first model to form part of our core range of conservation hand tools. Set A comprises of a Standard Control Unit with a 1E (or 1EC) and a set of 7 standard tips making this an ideal hand tool kit with many uses. Set B includes everything from set A, as well as a 4E Heated Spatula featuring a unique thin curved sole plate with thin flanged edge.

The heated spatula set A comprises of:

The price of this kit at £899.00 represents excellent value.

The spatula set B comprises of:

The price of this kit at £1095.00 represents excellent value.

Read more about our Heated Spatulas, here.

Conservation hand tools - Hot Air Pen with stand, additional nozzles and control box

Hot Air Pen Set

The Hot Air Pen is purpose designed and manufactured by Willard to provide a highly controllable source of heat over a small treatment area with point accuracy, however without contact with the object, minimising the risk of dislodgement of poorly adhered particles.

Our Hot Air Pen is provided as part of a complete set with it’s own bespoke Controller, a lightweight balanced pen with wooden handle, 3 interchangeable nozzles and a purpose made stand for the hand piece. The 3 interchangeable nozzles come in sizes 2mm, 3mm, and a 16mm x 1mm fan shape.

Find out more about our Hot Air Pen Set, here.

Conservation hand tools - Lining Iron 7E

Lining Irons

Willard Lining Irons were first developed over 50 years ago, and whilst the components and control units have been regularly updated many times over the years, the excellent proven quality, durability and reliability remains unchanged. We offer a range of Lining Iron sizes ranging from 8-16 inches, suitable for a range of conservation projects.

For more information about our Lining Irons, click here.

Willard Hand Tools are designed and manufactured by hand to the highest standard. We work with conservation professionals worldwide to meet their project requirements. Click here or give us a call on +44 (0)1243 776 928 to contact us to discuss your project in detail and see how we can help.


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