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Product Spotlight: Downflow Table

Due to popular demand, Willard introduced the new Downflow Table at the beginning of 2017 in response to requests for a dependable extraction system. Available in both small and large models to suit individual studio requirements, these tables have been designed to ensure the safe removal of coarse and fine dirt from objects and for safely cleaning with solvents.

Product name: Downflow Table Price: Small table from £6,683 ex VAT. Large model from £7,648 ex VAT

Main features & functions: 

  • Reduces the risk of exposure to harmful substances

  • Captures dust particles, fungal spores and vapours before they can disperse into the work space

  • Pre-filter intercepts larger particles to maintain efficiency of the fine particle filters

  • Waste traps allow recovery of detached fragments

  • Operates at a comfortable sound level

Can be used for: The safe removal of coarse and fine dirt from objects and for cleaning with solvents, especially where objects are too large to fit into a fume cupboard.

Like this? Discover our full range of dust and vapour control equipment we introduced at the beginning of the year here.


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