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Product Spotlight: Easels for Conservation

Willard Studio Easels are an essential piece of conservation equipment for painting conservators. In our latest blog, we showcase our two models as well as custom options for made-to-order designs.

Studio Easel

Product name: Studio Easel Price: From £13,350.00 Ex VAT Main features & functions: 

  1. Smooth vertical adjustment

  2. Standard models can accommodate paintings from 150mm x 150mm (6 x 6in) to 2.44m x 3.05m (8ft x 10ft), and weighing up to 30kg (66 lb).

  3. Sturdy box-section frame mounted on welded legs with locking castors

  4. Easily moveable clamps via the handle and gearbox

  5. Optional motorised model is supplied with a hand held controller.

  6. Extensive range of available options

Can be used for: Secure positioning of paintings or similar objects for conservation.

View the full product listing here.

Wall mounted easel

Wall mounted easel

Product name: Wall Mounted Scanning Easel Price: From £20,000.00 Ex VAT

Main features & functions:

  1. Smooth vibration free environment

  2. Pressure-free hold

  3. Remote console control

  4. Typical Data Accommodates up to: 3 x 4m (10 x 13ft) with a depth up to: 150mm (6in) Lateral axis: 8m (26ft) with 5m (16ft) travel Vertical axis: 4.5m (15ft) with 2.5m (8ft) travel

Can be used for: Assisting in the study of the underlying structure of a painting, including microscopic infra-red/ultraviolet and X-ray information. For use with a variety of viewing heads.

View the full product listing here.

For more information or to discuss your custom requirements, get in touch here.


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