Product Spotlight: Sub-illuminated Suction Table

First made to cater to a bespoke customer request, Willard Conservation is pleased to introduce the all-new, Sub-illuminated Suction Table to our core range of Conservation equipment. We can make this unique table in any size up to 1200mm x 1800mm to provide your studio with an excellent illuminated work surface.

Product name: Sub-illuminated Suction Table Price: from £5,300 ex VAT Main features & functions: This one-of-a-kind, sub-illuminated suction table features a fully dimmable LED lighting system, providing high quality light, which illuminates through to the work surface for superior clarity. Optional extras: Height adjustment, moisture trap, activated carbon filter.

Please note this item cannot be purchased online, please call +44 (0)1243 776928 to enquire and complete your purchase.


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