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Product Spotlight: Wax / Cyclododecane Applicators

Willard’s trusted range of heated spatulas have long been renowned in the world of conservation tools for their long lasting quality and accuracy but did you know we also manufacture specially designed tips for the precise application of wax and cyclododecane?

Learn all you need to know in our spotlight feature:

Product name: Wax / Cyclododecane applicators. Price: £68 for the small applicator, £81 for the large bowl applicator. Main features & functions:  Lightweight tips developed to be used with either the 1EM or 1E/1EC Willard Heated Spatula. Who’s used this tool: Paper conservators. Can be used for: The application of Cyclododecane or menthol.

Purchase the Wax / Cyclododecane Applicators here.


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