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Professional Development Courses for Conservators 2020

Looking to elevate complementing skills as a professional conservator? Maybe you would like to become a better speaker so you can confidently share your findings and give presentations? Or perhaps gain a better working knowledge of technology to effectively document and share the conservation work you do? We’ve found a number of industry focused courses that will bulk up your CV and personal development. Take a look below…

Presentation Skills for Conservators

When: Tuesday 03.03.20

Where: The Bridge, 73-81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ

Whether you have to chair a meeting, pitch a proposal or speak at a conference, you need good communication and presentation skills. Presented by Rough House Media, this course will teach you how to conquer your public speaking demons, give a memorable and successful performance and communicate with confidence.

You will learn how to overcome your nerves, pitch presentations so they meet your audience’s needs, how to structure your presentation to keep people engaged and how to use visual aids and handle tricky questions. A light lunch and refreshments are included.

Health and Safety for Conservators

When: Friday 20.03.20

Where: Royal Society for Public Health, John Snow House, 59 Mansell Street, London E1 8AN

Led by Martin Adlem, a Health & Safety consultant with over 25 years' experience, the course will provide you with the essential and current health & safety information for conservators working in a conservation studio and/or on-site, covering responsibilities, risk assessment and dealing with hazards. The course will include a light lunch and refreshments.

Smartphone Video Training For Conservators

When: Tuesday 12.05.20

Where: The Bridge, 73-81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ

This course aims to teach you how to produce effective videos using your smartphone, some simple equipment you can buy online, and your laptop or PC. You will learn how to produce and edit engaging digital content showcasing your work, thoughts and practice, suitable for use on social media or a website or blog. A light lunch and refreshments are included.

The course is run by Rough House Media and led by Paul Curran, who has many years’ experience producing, filming and editing films and videos for the BBC and corporate clients.

Communication and Teaching Skills in Conservation and Science

When: Monday 14.09.20 - Friday 25.09.20

Where: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Deadline to apply: 15 March, 2020

Over two weeks we will explore innovative and effective modalities of learning and teaching core concepts of conservation and science, by working on issues identified by the participants and course team. The Summer School will also discuss new approaches and tools for designing educational programmes and training activities.

This intensive teaching and learning experience will consist of highly interactive sessions at different didactic spaces in St. Albert including Musée Héritage Museum and Grain Elevator Park.

We’d love to know about any more events like this? Let us know and we’ll add it in!


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