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The IIC 2020 Online Congress - the way forward for events?

The IIC 2020 Edinburgh Congress ‘Practices and Challenges in Built Heritage Conservation’ is going online this November and is set to bring its members the most dynamic virtual experience possible. With interactive sessions, virtual tours and live broadcasts, could this be the new way forward for future conservation events even when the pandemic ends?

With travel restrictions, social distancing and local lockdowns still prevalent around the world thanks to COVID-19, events such as a the IIC Congress are being reimagined. And the technology to bring such an event online is now propelled into an industry so used to face-to-face interaction. According to the event organisers, registrations for the event have rocketed. With no travel required and affordable registration (free for members) the international appeal of such an event has suddenly grown at an exponential rate. This is great news for the industry as the sharing of knowledge and innovation is crucial in pushing the profession forward. And where is more convenient to get involved than from the comfort of your own studio or home.

Even when global travel resumes and real life events return to our calendars, we hope virtual events stand alongside them to encourage even more inclusivity and involvement for conservators worldwide. Will you be attending congresses online from now on?

For more information on the IIC’s upcoming congress running from 2-6 November, please visit their website here.


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