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Top 10 Conservation Blogs

Anyone who follows our social channels knows that we love sharing the many awe-inspiring conservation projects we find. So we thought it was about time we shared our favourite blogs where we find such wonderful case studies. From private studio’s divulging all the little details to world-famous museum blogs worth bookmarking, take a look below and loose yourself in our selection of the best in the industry.

Indulging our fascination for everything Ancient Egyptian, the Penn Museum’s companion blog, The Artifact Lab: Conservation in Action never fails to give fascinating insight into their projects. Although, not exclusive to objects from Ancient Egypt, it’s definitely why we’ve been returning to this blog over the years!

We love this blog for many reasons. Each blog tells the full story in ALOT of detail which is fantastic and the wide range of objects featured keeps us coming back for more again and again. One of our favourites!

Just down the road from our workshops in Chichester is the famous West Dean School of Conservation. The school’s accompanying blog covers an endearing mix of back to basics techniques and unique projects, all from a student perspective.

It’s no surprise that one of the most infamous museums in the world has one of the best blogs. With many articles of interest, both in conservation and of the wider arts, this is one to get lost in, and we often do!

We love The Getty’s conservation project blog posts for their visually illustrated narrative but we are often pulled into read other posts too because of it’s broad, global coverage of the arts. Well worth bookmarking.

If it’s world-renowned paper treasures your looking for, look no further than the British Library’s ‘Collection Care’ blog. Gain perspectives from all four departments: Conservation, Conservation Science and Research, Preventive Conservation, and Digital Preservation on projects including the Lindisfarne Gospels and Magna Carta.

The University of Delaware’s Department for Art Conservation blog is a great all rounder and one to keep an eye on especially for fellow emerging conservators. We really enjoy the insight into internships and the variety of community projects that are taken on by the students.

From garments to tapestry to stuffed bears, the Museum Textile Services (a textile conservation studio based in New England) gives you a broad insight into the finest that textile conservation has to offer.

Although peppered amongst a host of other interesting content, the conservation focused blogs from the Smithsonian American Art Museum offer detailed insight into the art/object itself to really put the project in context. The variety of projects featured keeps us coming back; from paintings to mastodon skeletons to video games, it’s all there.

If it’s regular project updates you’re looking for then The Cincinnati Art Museum blog is the one for you. Short summaries and clear cut before and afters are perfect for those short on time.


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