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Top Must-See Spring Exhibitions 2017

As we step into Spring in the Western Hemisphere, this is the ideal time to visit the must-see exhibitions of the moment. Discover our pick of events from a few of our favourite cities including London, New York, Paris and Berlin.

Eduardo Paolozzi

Eduardo Paolozzi exhibition

Where: Whitechapel Gallery, London When: Until 14th May 2017 Why: Recognisable from his murals at Tottenham Court Tube Station and various sculptures dotted around the capital, this retrospective of the widely considered ‘godfather of Pop Art’ is a must-see for any fan of the genre. The Whitechapel Gallery itself is host to a range of other exciting exhibitions at the same time making this a destination to get lost in for a day. Find out more and book your ticket here.

David Hockney

David Hockney Exhibition

Where: Tate Britain, London When: Until 29th May 2017 Why: Presenting his most comprehensive exhibition to date, one of the most popular and influential artists of the twentieth century, David Hockney returns to the Tate to showcase a chronological beauty of an exhibition that serves both as an introduction and homage to the great painter. View his iconic works up close and personal before the exhibition ends. Find out more and book your ticket here.

Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change

black lives matter exhibition

Where: ICP Museum, New York When: Until 7th May 2017 Why: This thought-provoking exhibition at the ICP presents six critical issues transformed by visual culture: #BlackLivesMatter, gender fluidity, climate change, terrorist propaganda, the right-wing fringe and the 2016 election, and the refugee crisis. A must-see to understand the rapid transformations of social, political and technological changes we are facing right now. Find out more and book your ticket here.

L’Esprit français – Contre-cultures en France 1969-1989

L'Esprit français - Contre-cultures en France 1969-1989

Where: La Maison Rouge, Paris When: Until 21st May 2017 Why: Want to know what really makes the French so…French? Then this is the exhibition for you! Discover an in-depth showcase of French identity and dissidence, with over 700 multi-disciplinary works, including film, music and art. Find out more and book your ticket here.

In Berlin’s Modernist Network

In Berlin’s Modernist Network

Where: Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin When: Until 1st May 2017 Why: This museum is a Berlin gem with this particular exhibition presenting the museum’s namesake’s cross-section of impressive works, from art and architecture to sculpture, letters and more. Celebrating Georg Kolbe’s 140th birthday, this exhibition provides an insight into the city’s cultural development as well as his own. Find out more and book your ticket here.


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