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West Dean Announce Willard Conservation Prize Winners!

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation had its annual Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, July 13, 2019, celebrating the work of the students with special prizes including one sponsored by us, the Willard Conservation Prize.

Alongside the ceremony, The College also announced their first ever three Fellowships. The Fellows are Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Rebecca Salter RA and Dawn Ades OBE, who are all active supporters of the College and eminent in their sphere. The Fellows joined students graduating with degrees and diplomas, from Foundation, Graduate and Professional Development Diplomas to Masters degrees in arts and conservation. 26 special awards (see below) were presented to students by Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Rebecca Salter and Peter Benson, Chair of Trustees during the ceremony.

We would like to congratulate the two winners of the Willard Conservation Prize who have showcased work of the highest calibre and will no doubt go onto make a significant impact on the conservation world.

Holly Daws, MA Conservation of Ceramics & Related Materials.

Lorna Culcutt, her tutor writes, “I nominated Holly as she was able to problem-solve around identifying and utilising different forms of analysis to support her MA research project very effectively. Holly had an ability to synthesise raw data into clear interpretation and discussion. Her interest was in metamerism and retouching fills for ceramic conservation, a problem worth trying to solve.  Holly also showed great skill in liaison with renowned Conservation scientists and developing their research through hard work and diplomacy.”

Laura Critchlow, MA Collections Care & Conservation Management

Shayne Rivers, her tutor nominated Laura based on the quality and potential impact of her MA research, a synopsis of which follows:

A preliminary assessment of the compromises visitors to historic houses are willing to accept regarding access and light levels, and an evaluation of potential cost-effective preservation measures that reflect visitor engagement with the balance between access and light levels.

Laura Critchlow undertook this MA dissertation founded on her work-based learning at National Trust Erddig, a large property with light-sensitive collections and historic interiors.

She used a methodology of well-focused surveys, incorporating visual examples of the accumulative effects of UV on organic materials, to illustrate risks of light levels to (e.g.) printed fabric, art works.

Laura has undertaken research that engages visitors in efforts to improve collections care, and carried out rigorous visitor and staff surveys that demonstrated a potential to change behaviours and perceptions among supporters once they have been engaged with core conservation principles.

She has proposed cost-effective recommendations, which, if adopted, could result in significant improvements to collections care across the UK national collection by providing an innovative and effective model for visitor engagement with the inherent compromises required to balance preservation with visitor access.

Diploma and Degree Prize Recipients 2019

Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) – Southern Section Prize: John Chapman

British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) – Geoffrey Moss Prize: Amy Walsh (Ceramics); John Chapman (Clocks); Shane Wiechnik (Furniture); Andrew Braund (Metals)

British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) – Harold Davies Prize: Andriani Maimaridou (Ceramics); Peter Toot (Clocks); Ian Cook (Furniture); Camila Paglione (Metalwork)

Historic England/John Ashurst Prize: Sarah Neville

ICON Ceramics & Glass Group – Denise Lyall Prize: Holly Daws

Nick Johnson Prize: Emma Lau

Rupert James Award: John Collett

Sidney Sanders Trust Prize: John Chapman

Sussex Conservation Consortium Prize: Garrett Sumner

The Arts Society Chichester Research Prize: Agata Bogacka (Visual Arts)

The Arts Society East Grinstead: Mark Hendriks (Musical Instruments)

The Arts Society Rudgwick: Andriani Maimaridou (Ceramics)

The Horology Prize: Dale Sardeson

Trustee’s Prize for Conservation: Derrin Compton (CE) & Dale Sardeson (CL). Funded by David Benson, former Chairman of Trustees, The Edward James Foundation

Trustee’s Prize for Craft Practice: Phoebe Connolly (DACC). Funded by Board of Trustees, The Edward James Foundation

Trustee’s Prize for Creative Arts: Jane Freimiller (MACW). Funded by Lady Egremont, Trustee, The Edward James Foundation

Valerie Power Prize: Emma Straw

Vice Chancellor’s Prize: Eliott Colinge (Clocks)

Willard Conservation Prize: Holly Daws (Ceramics) and Laura Critchlow (CCCM)


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