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Willard in 2014 & Beyond

2014 was a great year at Willard Conservation. We completed the manufacture and supply of our unique Multi-Function Tables to major projects in Qatar, Scotland and China, also in Russia, where we have supplied our latest development in Suction washing and conditioning equipment for use in the care and cleaning of priceless textiles.

We were also contacted by a London Film production company during the year, who wanted to create a typical authentic conservation studio, for a scene in a film they were making. They had discovered from their research, that in order to create a genuine conservation studio, they must include Willard tools and equipment; we were pleased to assist them with several items.

In other business sectors, the accuracy and reliability of Willard’s unique range of hand tools is  gaining recognition too. In 2014 we supplied a range of heated spatulas to a World leading jet engine manufacturer, who now use Willard tools to help them with part of their turbine production process.  We have also supplied some Willard tools to a leading luxury motor car manufacturer, who use the tools, as part of their bespoke vehicle interior production.

We are currently working on several ongoing projects that are scheduled for completion during 2015. We aim to continue to develop new tools and enhance existing products throughout 2015, which with the continued and valued support of our customers, will prove to be another exciting year for us.


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