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Product Focus: Conservation Tools with Custom Features

No two projects are the same which is where customisable features on your conservation tools and equipment can really help. From smooth height adjustment and multi-use tables to changeable spatula tips, take a look at our pick of equipment that can adapt to your requirements.

Height adjustable work bench

Different projects and different people require different heights for their work bench and this is where our height adjustable work benches prove popular. Used in many industries as well as conservation, our workbenches are well known for their durable construction and smooth height adjustment. The height adjustment mechanism can either be operated manually or through an electrically operated hydraulic system.

Custom sizes can be catered to and a range of work surface materials, shelves and drawer options are also available. Find out more here.

Work Top Table Cover

If you have one of our suction tables or lab sinks but also need more workspace, our custom work top table covers can provide just that. Designed to fit onto our suction table and lab sinks, these removable covers give extra working space for when the equipment isn’t in use.

Find out more here.

Heated spatulas with interchangeable tips

The trusted Willard Heated Spatula is a mainstay for many conservators. As well as it’s career-lasting legacy, the spatula tips are interchangeable to suit your requirements making them the ultimate in custom feature tools.

If you require a tip that isn’t available via our online shop, our engineers would be pleased to work with you to develop exactly what you need. Many of our specialist tips that are now available were first made from bespoke requests so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

View our range of heated spatulas and tips here.

Hoods & Domes for Tables

Maximise the use of your Willard table with our range of acrylic hoods and domes. Complete with hand ports and covered openings, these table accessories will give your tables new functionality for a multitude of projects.

FInd out more about our hoods and domes.

As the designers and manufacturers of all Willard tools and equipment, we are pleased to offer a fully bespoke design and build service. From a custom spatula tip to a full studio fit out, we have the experience and knowledge to build exactly what you need.

Whatever your requirements, we can engineer a custom solution for you. Get in touch with us here.


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