A removable work top table cover provides a useful additional work surface when a piece of equipment such as a suction table or laboratory sink is not in use. These work tops are custom built to suit all Willard suction tables and laboratory sinks.


The work top table covers are manufactured using a range of materials including lightweight honeycomb panels or double sided hardwood laminate. In each instance the work top is fitted with locating side or corner edges and the underside is lined with a soft material to protect the perforated top surface of a suction table.

The work tops can be produced in single sheet size for the smaller equipment and in double or multiple piece sections for the larger tables. 


Compatible tables include:


• All Willard tables


Download Product Data Sheet here.


The images show various types of worktop including a Willard suction table and work top cover with an Acrylic hood fitted, which can also be used to create a useful controlled environment around an object undergoing treatment.


This item cannot be bought online. Please email sales@willard.co.uk or call +44(0)1243 776928 to discuss your requirements and complete your purchase.

Work Top Table Cover