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Product Focus: Grooved Heated Spatula

This variation of our standard heated spatula was first designed as a custom order request to cater to a specific conservation project. This conservation tool design has since been adapted slightly and is now available as part of our core range. Take a look at the design features below…

Product name: Grooved E Heated Spatula Price: £422 Main features and functions: Designed for precise, localised work on edges and corners when re-mounting easel paintings onto stretchers.

As we manufacture all of our hand tools in our UK workshops, we can guarantee our tools will last a lifetime, making our tools the sustainable choice for conservation. With our reputation for proven accuracy, durability and extreme reliability for more than 50 years, this is why our heated spatulas are used in leading professional conservation studios worldwide.

Please note that all Willard heated spatulas require a Willard Control unit (Standard or Special) to operate. These are available to buy separately.

To view the technical specification of this tool and to buy online, please click here.


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