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Product Focus: Studio Tables for Conservation

When working on priceless artefacts, works of art or precious textiles, a solid and robust work area is absolutely crucial. This is why our range of studio tables are the work surface of choice for so many in the conservation profession. Here, we’re sharing just some of our most popular models that are in use in some of the most renowned museums and private studios in the world.

As manufactures of all Willard tables, we can offer complete flexibility when it comes to size, height and of course, special features. We can also design to complement existing equipment already in place as well as help plan a complete studio fit-out.


Willard work benches and tables are available with fixed or adjustable height options and can be produced in a variety of different and bespoke sizes and styles, with several different design options, they can also be finished in colours to match or complement existing furniture. It is this flexible approach to design, alongside their robust and reliable construction that our tables prove to be a popular staple of our studio tables.

Illuminated Tables

Our Light Box Table and Sub-illuminated Suction Table are some of our more recent models added to the range and were first made as bespoke orders. Since being made available as part of our core range, our robust construction and innovative combination of illumination and suction has proved to be popular as a multi-functional studio table.

Studio Trolleys

From extra, mobile workspace to tool storage and much more, our range of versatile studio trollies are available in a variety of different sizes and material specifications. Shelving and lockable castors are also available.

Companion Tables

Manufactured to complement the suction tables, our sturdy Companion Tables provides a mobile preparation and layout surface designed specifically for conservation studios. It can also be used with an acrylic hood to create a controlled environment around an object under treatment.

Work Top Table Cover

Our removable work top table cover provides a useful additional work surface when a piece of equipment such as a suction table or laboratory sink is not in use. These work tops are custom built to suit all Willard suction tables and laboratory sinks and are available in a range of materials including lightweight honeycomb panels or double sided hardwood laminate.

Please tell us about your requirements and we’ll be pleased to prepare a quotation for your studio table. Please email or use our contact form here.


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