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Product Focus: Conservation Washing Equipment

For the best in conservation washing equipment, look no further! Catering to both large scale wall hangings and small paper treatments, we have a range of solutions available to ensure you get the best results. We also offer custom options and a bespoke equipment design service so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Willard Suction Cleaning & Washing Table

suction cleaning & washing table

The Willard Suction Cleaning & Washing Table is designed for controllable medium pressure, induced flow washing and rinsing where larger quantities of water are required. It may also be used as a large sink unit for immersion and gravity flow washing.


  1. High volume induced flow treatments

  2. Gravity flow washing

  3. Containment and drainage when treating a number of smaller items in trays

Optional features:

  1. Adjustable height

  2. Clear hood with access areas

View the full product details here

Heated Sink

This sink is flush mounted within a fully enclosed mobile cabinet, with ample cupboard and storage facility. The sink can be produced in a variety of different sizes and can be mounted centrally or offset, as shown in this example pictured. The optional heating system is provided by a unique fully enclosed Willard heating cassette, which is mounted below the sink base and has a useful temperature controller to enable a range of temperatures to be selected.

Watch our heated sink in action at the National Library of Scotland below (and pictured main) where it was instrumental in the conservation treatment of a huge seventeenth century map. You’ll see in the video and in the photos below that both our Heated Sink and Humidifying Chamber were used in the treatment process. The Conservation Workshop at the National Library of Scotland also commented “We couldn’t have done it without our heated sink and humidifying chamber both bought from Willard Conservation”. Read more about this project here.

View the full product details here

Textile Washing System

Willard Conservation were commissioned to design and build this very specialised piece of equipment for a bespoke project where a washing facility was required for cleaning very large wall coverings.

The large scale automated Textile Washing system measuring approximately 8mtr x 10 mtr (25ft x 30ft) has a hydraulic system to enable lowering and lifting the perforated washing bed into the washing tank, whist an automatic spray boom with evenly spaced fine spray nozzles can travel the length of the tank and spray wash the object undergoing treatment.

View the full product details here

Watch this washing system in Action at Hampton Court Palace in the video below:

The Willard Textile Washing Table

textile washing table

Willard Textile Washing Tables are used typically as support and drainage platforms, with adjustable tilt, for washing and rinsing treatments to large format textiles such as wall hangings, banners, apparel etc.

They may also be used for wallpaper and other large sheet materials. Tables can be converted easily to washing tanks by mounting the detachable sides supplied with the unit.

Either configuration, as washing table or washing tank, is exceedingly useful for containment and drainage when treating a number of smaller items in trays.

View the full product details here.

Discover the full range of washing equipment for conservation here


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