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Willard In Action at the National Library of Scotland

We recently featured one of the many conservation projects that the National Library of Scotland undertake as one our ‘Most Interesting Conservation Case Studies to be Inspired by’ and we have since found out that Willard Conservation equipment was integral to the process!

Here’s a bit of background to the project… “What to do with a huge seventeenth century map found up a chimney in the North East of Scotland? A jigsaw of paper, fabric, pictures, text and images which needs to be conserved and presented.” Conservator Claire Thomsonthen embarked on a painstaking conservation project to restore this mysterious map which is fully documented in this great video. Watch the treatment of the map here:

You’ll see in the video and in the photos below that Claire used both our Heated Sink and Humidifying Chamber in the treatment process. Please note that all of our conservation tools and equipment can be custom specified and manufactured to suit your requirements. We also cater to bespoke tool and equipment requests – please contact us for more information.

The Conservation Workshop at the National Library of Scotland also commented “We couldn’t have done it without our heated sink and humidifying chamber both bought from Willard Conservation”.

A special thank you to the team at the Conservation Workshop for sharing the film!

heated lab sink, conservation equipment
Heated Lab Sink

The crumpled 17th Century Map found up a chimney


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