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Product Spotlight: Student ToolKit

Following on from last week’s list of top Conservation courses, degrees and master degrees available in the UK, here Willard present an essential list of conservation tools perfect for the student conservator.

  1. Hand held LED spotlight. This rechargeable light is essential for investigation and analysis and is especially good for site work with its waterproof aluminium casing. View & Buy

  2. Spatula Set Type A. A great starter kit including our most adaptable heated spatula, a standard heat control unit and set of 7 tips/shoes. View & Buy

  3. Spatula Set Type B. The next step up, Set B has been put together from the most popular items purchased and included a 4E spatula on top of the standard control unit, 1E heated spatula and 7tips. View & Buy

  4. Protect your work space and surfaces from any heat damage with our spatula stand – the perfect resting stop. View & Buy

View our full range of Conservation tools & equipment here.

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