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Willard Conservation manufactures and supplies a unique range of equipment, specifically designed for use in the conservation, restoration & preservation of works of art and historic cultural media.

What our customers say

"The Heat Spatula arrived in good condition, and I wish to thank you for your assistance in its repair.  While it was with you, I seemed to need it every other day, for it is an essential part of conservation work, and I missed it greatly.  I have another heat spatula, but it is not nearly as good.

You Brits are good at making things that last, and I shall long treasure the Willard Heat Spatula.  Unfortunately, today most things DO NOT LAST.  Your products are a good example of traditional craftsmanship.  Let us hope that the Heat Spatula continues to work well for another 30 years."

Barney Lamar, Conservator of Art, South Carolina, USA,

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