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The best multifunctional conservation tools

When looking for the best in conservation tools and equipment, maximising the use of our tools with multiple functions provides our customers with increased value for money. Multifunctional conservation tools and equipment are increasingly popular and showcases Willard’s ingenuity when designing such tools. Here we’re showcasing the best we have to offer, including our famous multifunction suction table.

Heated Spatula Tips

Make the most of your heated spatula with our range of standard, specialist and bespoke tips. Tips for wax and cyclododecane are also provided. With a career spanning life span, our heated spatulas and control boxes are an excellent sustainable addition to your tool collection.

As the designers and manufacturers of Willard spatulas and tips, we often work with conservators to design custom tips needed for special projects. If this is something you would like to speak to us about, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Take a look at the range here.


We love shouting about our new range of lighting because, quite simply, it’s the best we’ve ever produced. With a CRI of 99, ultra low energy consumption and a LED life expectancy of around 25 years, this range of lighting is perfect for a range of uses including retouching as well as general studio lighting.

We offer these lights in a range of fixtures, ranging from wall hung pantographs, floor standing, ceiling fixed, or even track mounted meaning you can get the light exactly where you need it.

Take a look at the range here.

Multifunction Suction table

The ultimate multifunctional piece of conservation equipment is our renowned multifunction suction table offering a range of versatile, controllable and interlinked features.


Typically used by fine art conservators for treatments to paintings on textile supports and by textile specialists for a large range of materials, they may also be used for paper and other sheet materials. The principal function of the table is to hold objects safely and securely in place with air pressure while they are being treated, however please see below an in-exclusive list of features available.

Take a look at the range here.


Standard features:


Suction - Achieved with a high volume, direct drive dual impeller exhauster. Motor speed is variable and electronically controlled with a finger operated dial. Expelled air can be vented externally, or through an optional carbon filter.


Heated work surface - The proven and trusted Willard heating system provides a highly reliable, accurate and above all even temperature across the entire table work surface with a separate temperature setting dial and a temperature readout on the control panel.


Edge heating - An indispensable feature fitted to all Multi-Function Tables. Perimeter mounted elements maintain an even temperature across the working area from the centre to the edges of an object to ensure even bonding and minimum distortion.


Optional features:


Duct heating - Fitted to all models featuring humidification, this essential system prevents condensation of water within the ductwork. This feature also helps dry the table internally after use.


Full air circulation - The unique Willard multi-layered ducting system allows a consistent supply of re-circulated air to the object, whilst maintaining the main holding (suction) pressure. The air circulation system can also be used to dry an object in place on the table using ambient air.


Humidification - A Willard high capacity evaporative humidifier supplies a stream of moistened air at a selected % RH for even, controlled relaxation of textiles and textile linings.


De-humidifcation - Circulated air is passed through a custom made de-humidification plant, removing excess moisture to achieve controlled drying of the object from below.


Refrigerative cooling - For enhanced cooling, re-circulated air is directed over the refrigerated part of the de-humidifier. This is especially useful when the Multi-Function Table is used in warm environments.


By-pass cooling - Ambient air is drawn by the suction exhauster beneath the work surface to dissipate heat.


Height adjustment - Powered adjustment is available on the smaller tables, using synchronised legs, which allow a typical 200mm (8 inch) of height adjustment, this assists in circumstances where many conservators within a mixed height workforce may be required to operate the table.


Carbon filter - An activated carbon filter can either be incorporated within the table exhaust system or supplied as a free standing unit connected in line directly into the exhaust outlet on the table, this is particularly useful where external venting is not possible.


Oversheet - A carbon rich rubber over sheet can be supplied, when cut to size, this sheet can transform the table to function in much the same way as a solid top table with an edge seal, which makes it ideal for traditional lining procedures such as envelope lining. On the smaller sized tables this can be supplied as a solid thin aluminium sheet.


Worktops (pictured) - can be supplied in either a single piece or two part hardwood laminated system.


Hoods  - hoods (pictured) can be is supplied with an opening and cover to one side facilitating the easy insertion and removal of objects. An opening and cover can be fitted to both sides of larger models.

Domes - domes can be attached on hinges and fitted with balanced gas struts to provide easy opening and closing. The domes are fitted with a pressure relief valve to avoid excess suction causing damage to the dome and table. An additional inlet port can also be installed to enable humidification from an external source.



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