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How to Make the Most of your Work Bench for Conservation

Quality workbenches for conservation are essential when working on priceless works of art and historic media, but are you using your work bench to its full potential? As designers and manufactures of all Willard equipment, we make a range of accessories and add-on options so our work benches can benefit from many different uses. From built in suction tablets to removable covers and much more, see how you can make the most of your work bench in our blog post below…

Suction Tablets

The Willard Suction Tablet offers a practical, lightweight and useful suction option, available in several sizes. The Tablet can be used on a suitable work surface or incorporated into a Willard Work Bench as a spotting table (see pictured below). As all Willard equipment is a manufactured in our UK workshops, we can therefore design to order in many size combinations and with custom feature options to suit individual requirements. Read more about our suction tablets here.

Removable Table Top Covers

A removable work top table cover provides a useful additional work surface when a piece of equipment such as a suction tablet is not in use. These work tops are custom built to suit all Willard tables and laboratory sinks.

The work top table covers are manufactured using a range of materials including lightweight honeycomb panels or double sided hardwood laminate. In each instance the work top is fitted with locating side or corner edges and the underside is lined with a soft material to protect the perforated top surface of a suction tablet.

The work tops can be produced in single sheet size for the smaller equipment and in double or multiple piece sections for the larger tables.

Read more about table top covers here.

Work Bench Lamp

This work bench lamp is a symmetric task light especially suitable for work benches and other large work surfaces where plenty of light is needed. With its flexible arm and head you can easily adjust it for your personal needs. The arm is a 105cm three pivot arm with side-to-side, up-and-down and rotational head movement.

It is supplied with HF ballast and desk clamp as standard. It is also available with an optional floor trolley or weighted base for desk top use. Read more about our Work Bench Lamp here.

The Workbenches

The Willard range of studio work benches are constructed using powder coated box section steel. The welded frames have been designed to provide a sturdy durable structure on to which a wide selection of top work surfaces, shelving and drawer units can be mounted.

Our work benches can be produced in a variety of different and bespoke sizes from approximately 600mm x 750mm and can be produced in much larger sizes, as required, either as a single item or part of a multiple project. Several different styles and design options are available, and they can also be finished in colours to match or complement existing furniture.

The benches can be specified with fixed or fully adjustable height facility in either a manual or electrically operated hydraulic system. The fixed height models are supplied with adjustable feet or castors for levelling.

All tables are built to order in our UK workshops, and can be supplied to meet specific requirements.

Read more about our fixed height and adjustable height work benches.

Boost productivity and save precious studio space with these special features! Do you have another idea for your work bench? Get in touch to discuss your requirements as we are more than happy to cater to custom features.

Willard also provide work benches for other industries outside conservation and can be custom built to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information and custom quotes.


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