Spotting Tables are designed for small area suction treatments on a variety of materials. They are typically used for forced flow cleaning and bonding operations where it is important to hold repairs firmly in place. The working area can be masked down for even more precise spotting treatments.


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Fully integrated model


The perforated work surface is set into an aluminium monobloc chamber capable of withstanding high pressures without distortion. This is flush mounted into a durable and attractive Trespa® worktop.


A support frame houses the fully enclosed suction source. A speed control dial (can be hand held) and digital illuminated suction readout  gauge are situated on the front panel. The equipment is designed to be used by a sitting or standing operator. Air and cleaning solutions pass into a moisture trap which protects the suction source. The flow then passes through an exhauster and exits at the back of the unit. A carbon filter (see separate section) may be connected to the exhaust outlet via a short length of flexible hose.


Open model


The perforated work surface fits neatly onto a purpose made rigid box section powder coated steel frame, which can be mounted on lockable castors. The frame is fitted with a low level support frame, which houses the open suction source.


Prices start from £4,865.00 for the open model & £10,475.00 for the fully integrated model.


As all Willard equipment is a manufactured in our UK workshops, we can design to order in many size combinations and with custom feature options to suit individual requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Spotting Table

  • Dimensions: approx. working area 300mm x 400mm. Approx. overall worktop 900mm x 1200mm.


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