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Top 5 Portable Conservation Tools to Invest In

Conservation equipment and the word portable doesn’t usually go together. However, we know conservators often require tools to get to hard to reach areas or visit ‘on-site’ locations for the task at hand so we’ve picked our best suction tools and lighting equipment that can be used for ‘portable conservation’.

What would you find useful?

Suction Tools - The Miniature Suction Wand

suction wand for conservation

The Miniature Suction wand was first custom built for for accessing restricted locations that require conservation treatment. Using a connecting hose for a suction source, this wand makes a very versatile and adaptable tool.

As the manufacturers of all Willard tools, we can produce these wands in different sizes to suit your individual requirements.


The model shown in the photo is produced in the size 150mm x 60mm and is available to purchase online here.

Suction Tools - The Miniature Suction Platform

While our large suction tables are an invaluable piece of equipment for most studios, sometimes, a smaller suction plate is needed for localised treatments while eliminating the need to remove the canvas from its stretcher.

These portable platforms have been developed mainly for work on easel paintings, but can be used for a range of treatments. They can be supplied as free standing units or with a floor stand for vertical positioning or fully integrated within a workbench.


The Miniature Suction Platform is available in either heated or un-heated specifications, the unheated version is thin yet still very strong. The heated suction platform model contains the unique and reliable Willard heating system and is naturally a little wider.


This equipment requires a Suction Source to be operated, the 0.75kw model is recommended as most suitable for most platform applications, please visit the exhauster (suction source) section for further details.

Lighting for Conservation - Compact LED Luminaire Kit

Our Compact LED Luminaire Kits are ideal for ‘on site’ conservation work where extra light is required. The lights feature 2 separate dimmer controls to adjust the colour temperature and brightness to suit to your needs and detachable barndoors to help better control the light.

Complete with carry case, this is the perfect portable light kit for conservation.


Each kit comprises (all included in the price);

2x Bi-color LED

2x White Diffuser Filter

2x Power Adapter

2x Power Cable

2x Carrying Case (Carrying Bag is only designed for LED panel. It can not hold light stand.)

2x Light Stand

1x 2.4G Wireless Remote (Battery Not Included)

6 x lockable castors

Available at a great budget price, you can purchase this kit online here.

Lighting for Conservation - Handheld UV Floodlight

If you need to flood a large area with UV light, this high-performance UV Flood inspection lamp is ideal. Supplied with a handle for handheld use, this lamp is supplied with long-life LEDs to give a high UV-A output at 365nm.

UV Light for Conservation - Midas Mini UV LED Torch

For small focused light, this high-performance UV-A inspection torch for professional UV fluorescent inspection is the perfect portable pocket light. Ideal for use in the detection of cracks, leaks, hydrocarbons, clearcoats, security markings and more.



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