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Preservation Tools - How do you use your Willard Conservation tools?

As the designers and manufacturers of all Willard preservation tools and equipment, every day we send our tools to customers across the world. And thanks to the high build quality that our engineers pride themselves on, that's normally the last we see of them. Of course, that's a fantastic testament to our products, but we would really love to see more of what projects our tools are used for!

We were so excited to see our heated spatulas and washing table equipment on the BBC's 'Secrets of the V&A' programme and sometimes we're lucky to spot our tools on blog posts but we'd love to reach out to our customers who'd like to share their projects using Willard tools with us. We know a lot of projects often don't get seen or shared with the wider conservation industry so we'd like help showcase our customer's projects with our online community, while of course showcasing our tools at their best.

To see what your project showcase could look like on our website, please take a look at this project, kindly shared by the conservation team at Yale University here (pictured main left).

Do you have a project or upcoming project using Willard Tools or Equipment that you would like to share with us? Please send over a description of the project alongside supporting images to

If you love your Willard tools, we'd be grateful if you could leave us a review on Google which you can do by clicking here.


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