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Conservation Hand Tool Prices 

1. Control Boxes


  • Control Box Standard (operates all spatula types) either 220V/240V OR 110V/115V 

  • Control Box Special (operates all spatula types and all irons) either 220V/240V OR 110V/ 120V 

  • Wall Mounted (Special Model) as specified above 

  • Dual voltage selector switch fitted to control box (115V/230V) (Add. extra) 

  • Temperature Monitor remote unit to display temperature of hand tools


2. Heated Spatula Sets 


  • Spatula Set A:, 1 x 1E (or 1EC) Spatula with 7 Tips and 1x Standard Control Unit 

  • Spatula Set B: 1 x 1E (or 1EC) Spatula with 7 tips, 1 x 4E Spatula and 1 x Standard Control unit...excellent value and an ideal starter set |

  • Spatula Set C: 1 x 1E (or 1EC) Spatula with 7 tips, 1 x Standard Control unit and 1 x 7E (or 8E) StandardLining Iron

  • BK1 Spatula set, 1 x new control unit with digital read out, 1 x
    bespoke heated spatula, 7 x individual tips and 1 x spatula stand. 


3. Hot Air Pen Set


  • Hot Air Pen Set supplied with hand piece, 3x nozzles, stand and dedicated controller for regulating air flow and air temperature.


4. Heated Spatulas (tacking irons) and Tips (shoes)


  • 1EM miniature spatula for use with mini tips & micro tips 

  • Mini Tips supplied individually 
    £35 ea. 

  • Mini Tips supplied as a set of 7 tips 

  • Micro Tips silver supplied individually
    £55 ea. 

  • Micro Tips silver, a set of 5 tips, supplied with adaptor to fit 1EM spatula 

  • 1E or 1EC spatula supplied without tips 

  • Set of 7 interchangeable tips to fit 1E and 1EC Spatula 

  • 1E or 1EC spatula supplied complete with a set of 7 interchangeable tips 

  • Tips for 1E & 1EC Spatula supplied individually (Type A,B,C,D,E,F,G) 
    £48 ea 

  • 2E Spatula

  • 3E Spatula

  • 4E Spatula

  • 5E Spatula

  • Flexible Thin Bladed Spatula

  • Grooved E Spatula

  • Specialist tips for 1EM, 1EC & 1E Heated Spatulas: Cyclododecane Applicators and NEW ‘X’ type tip 
    From £80 ea.  £300 set of 5 tips

  • Stand / rest for heated spatulas. Open type.

  • Enclosed heated spatula stand


5. Heated Hand Lining Irons & Cold Setting Iron


Mini Irons 6E, 7E & 8E Styles (150mm x 75mm) 

  • 6E Symmetrical pointed end 'gothic arch' shape 

  • 7E Rectangular

  • 8E Rectangular with inclined front edge. Left or right hand slope options 


Standard Irons

  • 6E Similar size and shape to domestic iron (200mm x 115mm) Special order 

  • 7E (200mm x 140mm) 

  • 8E (270mm long side x 170mm) 


Medium Irons

  • 7E (230mm x 140mm) 

  • 8E (270mm long side x 140mm) 


Large Irons

  • 7E (270mm x 170mm) 

  • 8E (300mm long side x 170mm) 

  • 9E (285mm x 140mm)  Rectangular with rounded front end

  • Cold setting Iron (unheated) Rectangular (270mm x 170mm)



6. Willard Weights.
Powder coated for durability. A stainless steel finish is also available. Additional sizes can be made to order.  *Approximate size subject to production tolerances.

  • A6 (105mm x 148mm)* 

  • A7 (74mm x 105mm)* 

  • A8 (52mm x 74mm)* 

  • A9 (37mm x 52mm)* 

  • Long Bar (450mm)*



7. Studio Lighting


  • Studio Luminaire. Willard bespoke lighting unit with 6 colour corrected fluorescent tubes, 1200mm length, on height adjustable stand, with castors.

  • Compact studio Luminaire, as above but comprising of 6 compact 600mm, low energy fluorescent tubes within a purpose made chassis and supplied complete with height adjustable stand with castors.

  • Compact bi-colour LED Luminaire, with ultra-bright 5,400 K LEDs, fitted with integral dimmer and supplied with height adjustable floor stand.

  • Ceiling mounted option available either fixed or fitted with pantograph for suspension. Pricing dependant on individual installation requirements. Please enquire for a quote

  • Work Bench Lamp. A symmetric task light with flexible arm and head especially suitable for work benches and other large work surfaces.

  • Magnifier Lamp. An illuminated magnifier with a flexible self balancing arm of length 105cm offering shadow-free three-dimensional magnification.

  • Weighted Lamp Base. Suitable for use with either the magnifier or the desk lamp, enabling full extension of either lamp arm whilst maintaining stability.

  • Floor Trolley. For use with either the magnifier lamp or work bench task light, mounted on castors for ease of use in any work area.

8. Hand Held Lamps

  • Reskolux UV 365 LED SET. Rechargeable UV Hand Lamp.

  • LED Spot Light, Hand Held Torch (white light) 

Conservation Equipment Prices 

Suction Equipment 


1. Multifunction Suction Tables

Prices range from £ 32,900 depending upon the size and features selected.


2. Suction Tables

Price dependant on size and features selected.

From £11,550 



Suction Table Accessories


  • Acrylic Hood
    From £1,950

  • Acrylic Dome
    From £3,895

  • Laminated work surface cover. Attractive wooden top with protective felt lining 
    From £750

  • Humidifier with controller, sensor, probe & readout. For use with either a hood or a dome on any Willard suction table or companion table (or suitable work surface)

  • Moisture Trap: Protects exhauster against ingress of water £595

  • Carbon Filter: Absorbs vapours, reduces air movement noise

  • Companion Table: Can accommodate the hood for use with humidification and other treatments
    Please enquire for prices

  • Suction Tablet: Standard size A3 (other sizes available, please ask) From £2,250

  • Work surface heating A0 (heating not available for A1 size table) Please enquire for prices

  • Work surface heating sizes above A0
    Please enquire for prices


3. Spotting Tables


  • Option 1: Medium pressure, high volume. Fully enclosed, integrated exhauster

  • Option 2: High pressure, low volume. Fully enclosed, integrated vacuum pump

  • Option 3: Above features combined
    Please enquire for prices

  • Option 4: On open frame. External suction source required, see 'Exhausters' below for options. No control or readout fitted to table £4,865


4. Miniature Suction Platform

  • Interchangeable work surfaces 150mm x 150mm and 300mm x 300mm supplied with a miniature pantograph on suction base to facilitate fine adjustment.

  • As above but with heating systems installed within both work surfaces and supplied with a dedicated variable temperature control unit. £5,250

  • Adjustable floor stand with castors and quick release mounting bracket

  • 0.75 kW requires vacuum source, 0.75 kW, variable suction exhauster recommended

  • 4a Suction Wedge, (or suction wand) Please ask for further detail. From £595 

5. Textile Suction Washing Table (Dual Function) 

For high volume suction washing. With the perforated top removed it functions as a sturdy, tilting Laboratory Sink.
Requires suction source; see under 'exhausters' below, (2.2KW recommended). Standard table size 1.22m x 2.44m
Prices from £22,450 

Option: Adjustable height to harmonise work surface and sink base levels. These tables can be produced in a variety of other sizes and depths to suit specific applications Please enquire for prices


6. Solid Top Vacuum Relining Tables:    


 From £11,800

7. Exhausters (Suction Units)

0.75 kW, 1.5kW and 2.2kW units are supplied within a low noise enclosed ventilated powder coated aluminium case on lockable castors. Hand held speed control dial on flexible lead for proportional control of exhauster revolutions. Illuminated digital readout on side of housing. 

  • 0.75 kW As used with suit Miniature Suction Platforms.

  • 1.5 kW (dual vane) Higher pressure capability for (e.g.) paper treatments. As used with size A1 suction tables.

  • 2.2 kW (single vane) Highest volume. As used on Textile Suction Cleaning Tables

  • 2.2kW (dual vane) Slightly less volume, but higher pressure than single vane version. As used with suction tables A0 and above


8. Laboratory Sink

Adjustable Tilt. Standard size 1.8m x 1.22m (6ft x 4ft) From 

  • Heating, integrated heating system with variable temperature control, available in 110/120V and 220/240V
    Please enquire for prices

  • Other sizes & specifications, Laboratory Sinks (or tanks) can be produced in a variety of sizes and depths, either tilting or fixed, to suit a specific applications
    Please enquire for prices

  • 9 Textile Washing Table - dual axis tilt adjustable for flow washing From £19,500
    Size 1 (unheated): 2.44m x 1.22m (8ft x 4ft) 
    Size 2 (unheated): 3.05m x 1.22m (10ft x 4ft) 
    Size 3 (unheated): 3.66m x 1.22m (12ft x 4ft) 
    Size 4 (unheated): 4.27m x 1.22m (14ft x 4ft) 



10. Mobile Studio Easel

  • Manually operated

  • Electrically operated

  • 11 Wall Mounted (Scanning) Easel. Built to meet individual requirements, please ask for further details.
    From £22,000



12. Height Adjustable Ergonomic Work Benches

  • Standard size 1800mm x 900mm (6ft x 3 ft) Other sizes and formats available up to 3000mm x 1500mm, please ask
    Prices from £2,200 

  • Fixed Height Work Bench

  • Standard dimensions: 1800 mm x 900 mm (6 ft x 3 ft)

  • Other sizes and formats available up to 3000mm x 1500mm, please ask
    Prices from £1,500 



13.  Light Box Table

Standard size 1800mm x 900mm (6ft x 3ft) with very bright, fully dimmable LED light panel fitted below an opalescent glass sheet and mounted in a hard wood frame
Prices from £4,950 


14. Clamping table: with Multi-Positional Gluing Jig

For panel paintings and other similar objects; triple axis adjustment and clamping.
Please enquire for prices

15. Hydraulic Lift Access Chair

High mass, low centre of gravity for safe, stable and adjustable working at high levels. Ideal for fine re-touching work on over sized easel paintings.
Please enquire for prices

16. Projects and Product variations 

We can manufacture any of the products listed above to meet a specific requirement or as part of a design project and will be pleased to discuss your requirements.
Please enquire for prices

General Terms 

THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY. All guide prices provided are in GBP, Great British Pounds (Sterling) and are exclusive of VAT (or equivalent purchase tax) and any import taxes which may be applicable within the country of destination. We will be pleased to provide a written quotation to meet your equipment needs and for multiple purchases where quantity reductions may apply. Willard Conservation Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the prices advertised as necessary, please make sure you contact us to confirm price, before order. 

All equipment prices are ex works and do not therefore include crating, insurance and delivery. Please contact us and we shall be pleased to prepare a quotation for delivery. 

Strictly in accordance with our standard conditions of business, copies of which are available upon request and are detailed on the Willard website. 

Details provided within this price guide may be subject change without prior notice.