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Product Focus: NEW Miniature Suction Wand

Brand new to 2023, we're pleased to introduce the Miniature Suction Wand to our Studio Equipment range. This incredibly useful tool is ideal for accessing restricted or precise locations requiring treatment. The Wand can be attached to a suitable suction source via a length of flexible connecting hose making this a very versatile and adaptable tool.

the wand is now available to buy on our website or as a custom build to suit your exact requirements.

First designed and made as a custom request, the model shown in the photo is produced in the size 150mm x 60mm which retails at £595 and is available to purchase online. As the designers and manufactures of Willard tools, our Miniature Suction Wands are built to order and can therefore be produced in different sizes to suit any specific requirement. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to assist.

For more information and to buy, please click here.


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