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Product Spotlight: Hot Air Pen Set

Designed and manufactured by Willard, this Hot Air Pen Set will provide a highly controllable source of heat over a small treatment area without contact on the object. All tools are all made in our UK workshop to ensure you get the reliability and accuracy you need. Read our latest Product Spotlight feature to discover the full range of benefits.

Product name: Hot Air Pen Set Price: From £965 ex VAT Main features & functions: 

  • The accuracy of this pen minimises the risk of dislodgement of poorly adhered particles

  • Supplied with 3 interchangeable nozzles in sizes 2mm, 3mm, and a 16mm x 1mm fan shape

  • Also included in the set is a temperature controller and the pen’s own purpose made stand.

  • Controlled, low air flow settings

  • No contact required

Can be used for:

The control system allows a highly controllable stream of heated air to be directed over a small area of an object. This can be used to: soften existing binders, new and older repair resins and to help activate some adhesives.  Though originally conceived for paintings conservation, the hot air pen has proved very effective for the softening and removal of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and their residues on archive materials and works of art on paper.

To view the full range of features and specification, click here where you can also buy this set online.


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