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Pushing The Way Forward in Conservation Equipment

As engineers and manufactures of our own tools and equipment, we are proud to offer variations and special features on our existing range as well as cater to completely bespoke orders, which is how some of our products make it into our core range.

In fact, this is how we first entered into the world of conservation equipment. In the 1950’s our founder, engineer Jack Willard was asked to fashion a heated spatula for a local conservator which then went on to become the very first commercial heated spatula on the market. The success of this model went on to set the company on its own path into the world of conservation equipment. In our latest blog, we’re showcasing just some of the products that were made possible by bespoke requests that are now available to buy “off-the-shelf”.

Heated Spatula Type A

Spatula set type A
Spatula set type A

The original, and still our most popular, the Heated Spatula Type A is one of the most adaptable models we have available and was the first model to form part of our core range of conservation hand tools. This model’s durability was demonstrated just recently when a customer asked for a repair for his much loved spatula which was made back in 1976 and this was the first time it had made its way back to us for repair. Read the full customer story here.

Spatula Tips

We are often asked to fashion new shaped tips for our heated spatulas which has seen our range of tips, or shoes as they are also known to continually expand. Here are just a few models that have been brought to life through necessity.

Special tips consisting of H J (pictured below) K L M models – view the set here.

Tip J
Flexible Spatula

The Sub Illuminated Suction Table

Sub-illuminated suction table

Our most recent addition to range is the sub illuminated suction table following a bespoke order. The evenly illuminated work surface combines the benefits of a light box with a suction table thus allowing conservators to spot tears and variations in the density of an object, making it easier to prepare and apply reinforcements and repairs with great precision. With interest already high, we are sure this cross design will prove invaluable to many professionals. Read our special product spotlight feature on this model here.

Adjustable Height Access Chair

Adjustable Height Access Chair

This Adjustable Chair was developed to meet a specific requirement of gaining access to large paintings where the only option for undertaking work is to do so with the painting held vertically (On a Willard Studio Easel). The Chair can easily be positioned in front of the Painting and the operator can securely position themselves on the chair and place all necessary tools on the convenient shelves fitted each side. Read more here.

Textile Washing System

Textile Washing System

Willard Conservation were commissioned to design and build this very specialised piece of washing equipment for a very high profile customer, providing an example of the large scale and complexity that we are able to cater to. The large automated Textile Washing system measuring approximately 8mtr x 10 mtr (25ft x 30ft) has a hydraulic system to enable lowering and lifting the perforated washing bed into the washing tank, whist an automatic spray boom with evenly spaced fine spray nozzles can travel the length of the tank and spray wash the object undergoing treatment. Watch the systems in action at Hampton Court Palace here.

Are you looking for a specialised piece of equipment to assist with your next project?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements via our contact page.



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