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The Best Suction Cleaning Equipment for Conservation

For quality suction cleaning equipment, conservators can rely on our solid reputation to ensure the highest build quality and longevity in service. Used by conservators in the most esteemed museums and studios around the world, we continue to offer a unique design and build service so our customers can benefit from custom features and sizing. Take a look at just some examples of our suction cleaning equipment below.

Sub Illuminated Suction Table

First, we introduce the most recent addition to our suction range, the sub-illuminated suction table. With fully dimmable LED back lighting providing an excellent illuminated work surface, this model was first commissioned as a custom project. As demand increased, the model then joined our core range.

The table can currently be manufactured in sizes up to 1200mm x 1800mm and can be supplied, mounted on a typical sturdy Willard table frame with exhauster unit and optional accessories such as, Height Adjustment, Moisture Trap and Activated Carbon Filter, or as a table top model for use on an existing workbench.

Find out more here.

Heated Suction Table with Cooling

Perimeter heating and enhanced by-pass cooling combined with our proven suction technology makes this table one of our most innovative to date. Available in a range of sizes to suit requirements, take a look at the full list of features here.

If you like this, take a look at our multi-function suction table here.

A1 Compact Suction Table

If space is tight or you simply want to maximise the space you have then our trolley mounted compact A1 size suction table could be just the job. Designed to conveniently allow both a suction exhauster and carbon filter to be stowed away under the table and can be used as such, or adjacent to facilitate the full use of the table. Find out more about this convenient suction table option here.

Miniature Suction Platform

Don’t let its size fool you! This small but mighty suction platform features the reliable and proven Willard suction technology as standard and can be supplied with a variety of features to accurately accomplish localised treatment. From heated platforms and vertical floor stands to being fully integrated into a workbench, however you want to use it, we can make it happen. Find out more here.

Not quite what you're looking for? Get in touch with our team who will be happy to discuss you're requirements here.


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