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Product Focus: Hand-held UV Torches for Conservation

When working in conservation, a quality UV torch is an essential tool for any conservator, especially in the field of painting conservation. This is why Willard has recently added two new models of UV torches to our range which we are pleased to now have available to buy via our online store. Take a look below where you can find links to purchase each of the models.

Midas Mini UV LED Torch for Conservation

First up, let us introduce you to the high-performance UV-A inspection torch for professional UV fluorescent inspection applications. Such uses for the this torch include the detection of cracks, leaks, hydrocarbons, clearcoats, security markings and more.


  • High UV-A output at 365nm

  • > 1,200 uW/cm2 at 38cm (15″)

  • Bosch 12V battery technology

  • Flashes when the battery needs replacing / recharging

  • £795

Find out more and buy here.

UV 5W LED Torch

Next up, we have the hand-held, re-chargeable UV 5W LED torch for the inspection of small components and hard to reach areas.


  • High UV-A output at 365 nm

  • Produces bright fluorescent effects

  • Contains UV-A long-life LED

  • Includes 2 x batteries, charger and pouch

  • £299

UV Eye Protection

When using UV lights, it’s paramount that UV safety glasses be worn. Willard only stock the best protective glasses - introducing the UVEX Astrospec 2.0 UV safety glasses with clear Supravision Plus lens offering 100% protection against UV radiation up to 400nm, complies with EN166 + EN170.

The lenses have advanced anti-fog performance on both sides, scratch-resistance, antistatic and offer a pressure-free fit even when worn for extended periods.

Find out more and buy here.

CAUTION: These torches are a UV light source of a risk group 3 according to the EN 62471. The device emits high intensity radiation. To avoid any ocular injury do not look directly or with optical instruments into the light source. When operating the UV Torch, UV blocking safety glasses must be worn and exposed skin areas covered.

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